Cloudveil Black Ice bibs

BlackiceThe Black Ice (formerly Ice Floe) bibs are a truly versatile piece of kit from boutique-vendor-turning-mainstream Cloudveil. Thoughtfully constructed of Schoeller Dryskin Extreme these soft shell bibs breathe well, shed weather effortlessly, and have the added advantage of not picking up snow (or pet hair) as fleece tends to.

The pass-through chest pocket is handy for accessing gorp, cameras or other items while wearing a pack. There is a drop-seat for answering the call of duty, and full side-zips for easy entry and exit without removing boots. The reinforced anti-snag area fends off glancing crampon blows, and the powder cuffs make the bibs work for a wide variety of snow activities.

If you’ve never worn bibs for cold-weather activities before these will convert you. No constricting waist belt results in a bellows effect while walking, where warm air from your nether regions is pumped up and out the top.

$180 (on sale from $325) at Cloudveil


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