Cloudveil Women’s Run Don’t Walk Zip T

RundontwalkIf a man says something in the forest, and the SheFlogger is not around to correct him, is he still wrong? Hmm, deep thought. Let's say the SheFlogger is around, and she is royally pissed. I know, hard to imagine, but stick with me. You need to come up with something shiny fast.

Let us suggest the Cloudveil Run Don't Walk LS 1/2 zip. It's a nicely fitted piece that is sure to make up for your past transgressions, at least back through yesterday. The RDW is a mere 9oz and wicks like a svelte, perky demon. It's got reflective logos so you can see her coming in the dark, which is good because you won't hear her due to a close unflappable fit and a zipper that locks down for extreme quietude.

The deep ten inch zip will help her keep her cool in the face of your monumental stupidity, and the flat seams ensure that she won't chafe her delicate skin as she plants her size six in your bony chest. Ah, the passion! There's even a little stash pocket in the back for… well, her stash, I guess. The Polartec Power Stretch is smooth, stretchy and sure to please your high-output honey.

$85.00 at Cloudveil


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