ClimbTech Removable Anchor

GearFlogger reviews the ClimbTech RB Removable Anchor

There are some very creative people working at ClimbTech. They are possibly crazy as well. Who else would invent a removable bolt? And yet… there may be method to their madness.

The ClimbTech RB removable anchor is removable rock pro based on a clever adaptation of the sliding wedge principle, kind of like a Lowe Ball but with the two sides of a split cylinder over a tapered core. It fits in a half inch bolt hole, although there appear to be 3/4" and one inch sizes available as well if you can find them.

They couldn't be simpler to operate; find a debris free hole of appropriate size, retract the spoons, stick it and clip it. Does it work? That's where we come back to the crazy part. Just check out this high definition video of ClimbTech co-founder Karl Guthrie taking a fifty foot whipper on a removable bolt. 'Nuff said.

$54.95 at ClimbTech


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