Clif Organic Trail Mix Bars

Gearflogger reviews Clif Organic Trail Mix bars

Clif knows bars, and if you're into nuts you'll be happy to find their organic trail mix series. They're all certified USDA organic, gluten-free, come with 3-4 grams of fiber, and all but the Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt (duh) are low sodium.

There are four dark chocolate bars: the afore-mentioned almond sea salt, plus peanut butter, pomegranate raspberry, and cherry almond. There are also three non-chocolate bars: coconut almond peanut, cranberry almond, and wild blueberry almond. They all range fro 180 to 200 calories, just enough to give you a shot of balanced energy when you're on the go.

Clif really believes in truth in advertising; each of these bars tastes exactly how you would think it should given the name. Of course, we're strongly biased toward the chocolate flavors, in particular the almond sea salt, but we're also partial to the coconut. Now if they could just combine chocolate and coconut like they do in their normal Clif Bar we'd be ecstatic. One caveat: don't let them get too cold, because they will become difficult to chew and your mandibles will get a serious workout. Warm them first in one of your warm spots, just don't tell us about it.

$2.00 a pop at REI



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