Clif Bar seasonals

Gearflogger reviews Clif Bar seasonal flavorsOK, it's thanksgiving week, so roll out the seasonal stuff! Top of the list: Clif Bar seasonal flavors, this year's threesome being Iced Gingerbread, Pecan Pie and Spiced Pumpkin Pie.

We usually cringe around here when oddly flavored food arrives in the mail, but last year the Clif seasonals were muy delicioso so were stoked for the new ones. Once again, all three of these Clif Bars taste great. The names accurately describe the flavoring for all of them, so if it sounds like something you'd like we think you can trust it. In other words, it's all good, although full disclosure: none will knock off our current absolute favorite, Coconut Chocolate Chip.

The Pecan Pie was our favorite this year because… well, Pecan Pie! The Gingerbread throws in some tasty molasses, and the Pumpkin Pie has raisins, actual pumpkin and apples. Good stuff all of it, and it's all in the normal range for Clif nutrition, e.g. 24g sugar, 9g protein, 4.5 to 6g fat. Go nuts, and stock up if you like 'em before the holidays end.

$0.89 (on sale from $1.25) at REI



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