CGear Sand-Free Mat

Gearflogger reviews the CGear mat

We first saw Australian company CGear's sand-free mat and thought it was a hoax, but after attempting to disprove its magical self-cleaning properties we have to admit that it actually works, and can work pretty well in certain conditions. CGear says the technology was developed to provide dust abatement for helipads, and as someone who once upon a time spent my weekends jumping on and off – and sometimes out of – helicopters, that's a real need. Swirling dust and slashing rotors don't mix, not to mention the wear and tear on engines.

The CGear civilian-issue mat is a sturdy tarp that comes in sizes from 6×6 feet to 12×12, and in a few color choices. There are also various other products they make with the same or similar functionality, including towels, bags and even footwear. The mat has a reinforced edge and D-rings around the border to stake it out, although due to the substantial heft of the material you won't really need them unless the wind is really blowing.

Once on the ground, the double-weave material easily lets fine sand, dust and particulates through the material in one direction. It's thick enough that it provides a comfortable walking and sitting surface, even on hard surfaces, which is a nice bonus. As particulates get thicker and/or wetter they don't go through as easily, but generally it's the finer stuff that's annoying you anyway; pebbles are easily swept off and a bit of a shake helps the intermediate stuff get out. At the end of the day a good shaking and hosing will clean most of what's stuck in the weave out.

The polyethylene construction is definitely sturdy, enough to stand up to chairs and the like, and although you can lie directly on it for general comfort you'll probably put a towel on top. The mat is great for RVs, car camping, cabins and the like, and pulls double-duty on damp surfaces to keep things dry. If you're looking to manage the dirt in your life, check out the CGear mat, a nice piece of kit from down under.

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