Category: Women

  • Vasque Pow Pow UltraDry Women’s Winter Boot

    Of all the gear in all the gin joints in all the world – with apologies to Mr. Bogart – it's your boots that you notice every step of the way. Finding the perfect winter boot has been a search for the Sheflogger, but now she can rest her weary feet because she's wearing Vasque […]

  • Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover

    Ahh, it's a good day when a model piece of minimalist gear comes along. The Patagonia Nano Puff pullover definitely fits the bill, weighing in at a scale-verified nine ounces even (odd?) for a medium, men's and women's versions available. We used it on Denali this year and it was a fantastic low-bulk layering piece, […]

  • Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer women’s down jacket

    It's a crazy, crazy world out there. Just when you think fast and light can't possibly get faster and lighter, along comes the Ghost Whisperer, Mountain Hardwear's ridiculously light seven ounce down jacket. We tested the normal down version, but the version available now is filled with 850 power Q.Shield, MH's version of moisture-resistant down. […]

  • YMAT PRO Yoga Mat

    Yoga is awesome training, either by itself or as cross-training for climbing and all other outdoor pursuits. Developing strength, flexibility and breath control combined with the beneficial aspects of moving meditation if you choose to do it that way is a powerful combination. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never tried Forrest yoga – take it […]

  • Patagonia Bibiana Tankini

    What's 82% nylon, 18% spandex and 100% guaranteed to please the SheFlogger? Patagonia's Bibiana Tankini, combining Patagonia's surefire fit with gorgeous patterns. The Bibiana has a racerback for freewheeling movement in and out of the water. The 360-degree built-in shelf minimizes jiggle, and the whole package just feels comfortable enough to live in. On our […]

  • Mountain Hardwear Pandra Double T shirt

    Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you embarrassed the SheFlogger last night at the pub. Something about one too many pints and a passionate and very public claim to being the actual man from Nantucket. Anyway, it's time to pay the piper if you want to get out of the doghouse. May we […]

  • Skirt Sports Sweetest Ever long sleeve shirt

    Skirt Sports is a SheFlogger most-favored brand around these parts. The Sweetest Ever long sleeve shirt is just one more greatest hit for them. It's a stretchy, thin-but-not-see-through top that does pretty much everything well. It's a 75% polyester, 25% lycra piece that can stand on its own or as a base layer, for sport, casual […]

  • Leki Diva women’s trekking poles

    I think Leki originally called these trekking poles the Shiva, but they are now officially the Diva, a more appropriate name than that of a Hindu god whose nickname is The Destroyer. The Diva poles are at the pinnacle of aluminum three-section trekking pole design. What makes them women-specific are the slightly smaller grips for smaller hands, […]

  • Mountain Hardwear Effusion Power jacket

    Mountain Hardwear is getting all crazy innovative these days, especially on the materials side. Their latest is Dry.Q, a family of waterproof-breathable fabrics that includes Elite, Active and Core variations. The Effusion Power jacket features Dry.Q Active for high-output activities like running. We tested the women's Effusion and found it perfect for runners, bikers and cross-country […]

  • TrailHeads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat

    I know the SheFlogger has at least one eye in the back of her head, so when I saw the TrailHeads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat with the hole in the back I figured it was made just for her. Imagine my surprise when she pulled it on and promptly stuffed her ponytail through it. Suddenly the […]