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  • weBoost Drive Reach Cell Signal Booster

    If you have the cell signal blues, you're probably looking at cell signal boosters for your home or vehicle. For any application, weBoost is the place to start looking. From their excellent out-of-the-box experience to their high performance, weBoost boosters set the bar – or bars, in this case. The update Drive Reach is their […]

  • weBoost Destination RV Cell Signal Booster

    If the starship Enterprise was an RV, Scotty would insist on the Destination RV cell phone signal booster from weBoost. The man needs more power, and where most mobile boosters are limited to 50dB max downlink gain the Destination RV rocks a full 65dB. Because the dB scale is logarithmic, that's a 30x increase in power […]

  • weBoost Home MultiRoom Signal Booster

    Everything is going mobile these days, if it already hasn't. That includes internet connectivity for a lot of people, including my parents who live "down the holler" in rural Missouri. They have a land line still because it's more reliable, but like everyone else they mostly just want to use their mobile phones all the […]

  • weBoost Drive Reach OTR Cell Signal Booster for Trucks

    Here in Alaska we've come to rely on weBoost cell signal boosters for convenience and safety in urban areas and along well-traveled highway corridors, but they really come into their own when RVing around Alaska. It's pretty easy to find yourself in truly rural areas where the cell signal is weak or nonexistent. If it's […]

  • weBoost Drive X RV Cell Signal Booster

    High on the list of poorly-kept secrets is the fact that we are big fans of weBoost cell signal boosters. Unlike most people we have access to good radios and even satellite phones but practically speaking what we normally have with us are cell phones. Cell phones are great for convenience and safety in urban […]

  • weBoost Drive Reach Cell Phone Signal Booster

    There are those like and those who need reliable communications in the backcountry. While professionals rely on radios and sat phones, the rest of us have cell phones, not always a bad thing thanks to the wide coverage in so many parts of the world. But quantity does not automatically beget quality, as anyone who […]

  • WeBoost Drive Sleek Cellphone Signal Booster

    We've had good experience with WeBoost cell phone signal boosters in the past, so we were excited to try the new Sleek version that promises the easiest install yet, as well as the smallest footprint. The Sleek did not disappoint, and in fact impressed us with its ability to deliver a consistent half-bar to full […]