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  • Watershed Salmon Stowfloat Kayak Drybag

    Watershed Salmon Stowfloat Kayak Drybag

    As a rule, we don’t do lists. If we did a list of kayak in-hull drybags, it would only have one bag on it anyway, and it’s this one: the Salmon Stowfloat from Watershed. So for those of you who really, really like lists… here you are! Now we’re all happy. Watershed makes seriously tough […]

  • Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview 180 V2 and Kradan Snorkel Sets

    It's summertime, and that means beach time! If you're going into the water you might as well take the time to look around, and that means you'll need a mask and snorkel to do it right. Wildhorn Outfitters has you covered with a choice of traditional or full-face snorkel sets. Let's talk about the Seaview […]

  • Watershed Westwater Backpack Drybag

    Sometimes what you need in life is a ginormous waterproof bag. And sometimes you need that bag to be ridiculously stout, as in military grade. That is the point at which you seek out a Watershed drybag. Watershed makes drybags that are used by people who make their living in and around the water. Professional […]

  • Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles

    Consider this a public service announcement, of a sort. The Sheflogger and I enrolled our five-year-old in swim lessons, both to burn off what seems to be an unlimited amount of energy (that he steals from us, but that's another rant) and for the sake of safety. Swimming saves lives. Littleflogger didn't like traditional spaghetti-strap […]

  • North American Survival Systems EF-20A-1 Lightning Electronic Flare

    Water plus darkness is pretty much no one's idea of a good time. Should you find yourself alone in the water in the dark, a cello playing ominously in the background, you'll want someone to find you and fast. Whether it's on land or water, you can help them help you with a signalling device, […]

  • Stearns Hybrid Fishing and Paddling Vest

    If you're heading out on the water a personal flotation device AKA life vest AKA life jacket AKA Mae West is mandatory. For most of us a Type III, technically a "flotation aid," will be a reasonable compromise between security and mobility. This is not the kind of thing you want to get from a generic label, […]

  • Outdoor Research Sensor Command deck bag

    True story, I remember once I was working for a university marine science program, and they put out an ad for a deck winch but they misspelled winch as wench. Never did see the applicants, but it had to be an interesting lot. Outdoor Research spells it right with their new Sensor Command deck bag. […]

  • Lifetime Manta, Sport Fisher Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

    For those of you too young to have been emotionally scarred by Jaws we bring you a kayak-of-all-trades for your water playing pleasure. Lifetime Products produces this yak variously under the names Manta, Sport Fisher, and Tandem, but they're all the same kayak although the Fisher model, which we tested, does come with two good-quality two-piece paddles […]

  • Patagonia Baggies Swim Shorts

    Spring has sprung, at least in some places, and where there is a sprung spring there is swimming. In years past we have found that Patagonia swimwear is top notch, and this season is no exception. We own a number of Patagonia swim suits, and a new addition to our quiver is (are?) Patagonia Baggies […]

  • Thule Slipstream XT kayak roof rack

    You can lead a boat to water, but not easily. Thule does a great job of making the pain go away as much as possible with the Slipstream XT roof rack, after two years still the rackatollah. Like most rack systems assembly takes a little time, but just follow the manual and you'll be fine. The only decision […]