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  • Vasque Pow Pow UltraDry Women’s Winter Boot

    Of all the gear in all the gin joints in all the world – with apologies to Mr. Bogart – it's your boots that you notice every step of the way. Finding the perfect winter boot has been a search for the Sheflogger, but now she can rest her weary feet because she's wearing Vasque […]

  • Vasque Super Alpinista boot

    I say he’s yella! Well, he’s wearing yellow boots, anyway. The Vasque Super Alpinista is the single boot brother of the Denali Approved Ice 9000 double boot. And where some boots are built for walking, this one is definitely built for the vertical world. The Super Alpinista is step-in crampon compatible for the white stuff, […]

  • Vasque Blur XCR shoes

    I hate running. I believe it to be an evolutionary response to situations of great danger, and I refuse to perpetuate the notion of it as a viable form of outdoor recreation. I think, therefore I do not run. Imagine my horror when a pair of Vasque Blur XCR trail runners showed up in the […]

  • Vasque Ice 9000 boots

    Vasque makes great footwear and the Ice 9000 is Das Boot. I have the original 2004-2005 model, identified by the (sexy) red color. It was updated in 2005, identified by the (ugly) orange color. The updates were relatively minor and you can still find the older model on sale for $199, a great deal if […]