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  • Gearflogger has moved!

    If you're reading this it's because you are linked to This is our old home on the Typepad blogging service. Our new home is on WordPress, and you can get there by linking to Typepad is currently experiencing difficulties with their export function, so we can't move sixteen years worth of reviews until […]

  • Royal Robbins Westlands Funnel Neck Merino Pullover

    You can't go wrong with merino wool, and in the middle of winter you can't go wrong with a cozy funnel neck pullover, so combine the two and it's win-win-warm. The Royal Robbins Westlands funnel neck pullover is actually a blend of 60% merino wool and 40% a material new to us, SeaWool – itself […]

  • Cozy Noze Face Masks and Neck Warmers

    In these pandemic days face masks are everywhere, but what if you wear glasses and the fogging is driving you nuts? Cozy Noze has a solution with a styling range of full-on neck warmers with a clever twist for glasses wearers, now available as face masks too. Cozy Noze neck warmers are available in a […]

  • Kijaro Kubie Multi-Use Blanket

    We know what you're thinking: what in tarnation is a multi-use blanket? Well simmer down now, we're about to tell you, using the Kijaro Kubie as an example. The Kubie says it will function as an insulated poncho, ground cover, sleeping bag, pillow, hammock, hammock liner, under quilt, and shade canopy. Now it is true […]

  • Ecuadane Blankets

    Living in a colder climate here in Alaska we're always looking for things to keep us warm. Other human beings top the list of course, but only slightly below them are cozy blankets. Ecuadane fulfills our desires in that area with their extra large and extra comfy traditionally-inspired blankets. We've been fighting over the Cotacachi […]

  • Project Backcountry Access

    Above, our project Jeep doing some family-friendly wheeling in Hatcher Pass, Alaska. Contents Why a Jeep Wrangler? Choosing a Jeep Wrangler: Rubicon Versus Sport Call of Duty: MW3 Extras The Winter of Wrenching: Essential Mods The Complete List of Modifications Why a Jeep Wrangler? John Muir pretty much said it best when he opined, “I’d […]

  • Acurite Pro Weather Station

    Spring weather is unpredictable weather. Or (cue dramatic music) IS IT? Even as weather gets weirder, prediction tools are racing to keep up, and this is one area where you are most definitely encouraged to take matters into your own hands. Acurite is a company that really wants to help you do this, and their […]

  • Thule ThruRide Fork Mounted Bike Carrier

    Thule is ubiquitous – yes, ubiquitous I say! – on the roofs of vehicles across the land. And for good reason; they make something to carry just about every major piece of gear you can attach to a car or truck, and for just about anywhere on said auto that you would like it attached. […]

  • Salomon Deemax 3 TS Waterproof Winter Boots

    Deee-Lite says the groove is in the heart. True, but the warmth is in the feet if you're wearing Salomon's Deemax 3 winter boots. When I was a kid I was stuck with moon boots and let's just say they weren't as cool as Napoleon Dynamite made them seem. The original Deemax was a handsome boot that outperformed its […]

  • Wiley-X Peak Sunglasses

    You gotta love a tagline like "protective spectacles," and in the case of Wiley-X that's a mission statement as well. Wiley-X has always been focused on function first, but that doesn't mean they ignore form. Their new Peak sunglasses combine both in a lightweight and bulletproof design that is optimized for harsh conditions. The Peak […]