Category: Trekking poles

  • Brazos Backpacker Walking Stick

    As the saying goes, four legs is better than two, especially for tough terrain. Trekking poles make us all into four-legged animals, which is great, but a good old-fashioned walking stick can be a boon companion on the trail as well. Three legs is still 50% better than two by our math, so when you're […]

  • Brazos Walking Sticks

    It's easy to get so caught up in the latest technology that you forget there are simpler solutions already out there that are sometimes just as effective in solving a given problem. Trekking poles, for example, have become lighter, stronger and more portable than ever, and are available in a variety of configurations and materials. […]

  • Black Diamond Z-Pole trekking poles on sale

    UPDATED: on sale as of 2/4/2013. This is getting ridiculous. The Black Diamond Ultra Distance trekking poles weigh in at 4.7 ounces each for the 120cm length. They just disappear into your pack or into your hand. You don't swing them so much as point them. BD's new Z-Pole technology is used in three of […]

  • Leki Diva women’s trekking poles

    I think Leki originally called these trekking poles the Shiva, but they are now officially the Diva, a more appropriate name than that of a Hindu god whose nickname is The Destroyer. The Diva poles are at the pinnacle of aluminum three-section trekking pole design. What makes them women-specific are the slightly smaller grips for smaller hands, […]

  • Black Diamond Whippet pole

    Emaciated dog or hit song by Devo? Wrong! It’s the Black Diamond Whippet self-arrest pole. Not to be confused with self-abuse, or as the more enlightened Dutch evidently call it, self-improvement. The Whippet is one of a very few options in this category, the others being Grivel’s Condor (aka Alu) and Petzl’s Snowscopic. The 14oz. […]

  • REI Peak UL trekking poles

    I bought the compact version of these carbon fiber poles for two reasons: at 11.2oz. for the pair they’re extremely light, and they don’t conduct cold. I was very pleased at their light swing weight using them during the summer, then I made the mistake of taking them up Denali. The locking mechanism on one […]