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  • Mystery Ranch Mission Rover Travel Pack

    Mystery Ranch Mission Rover Travel Pack

    Mystery Ranch doesn’t stop at making bombproof gear for life-on-the-line professions like firefighting and the military. They make outstanding outdoor and lifestyle gear as well, and I’m happy to report that their travel packs are the bomb. As in bombproof, because that’s just how they do things down at the Ranch. The Mission Rover travel […]

  • Gregory Targhee FastTrack 24 Ski Pack

    We review a lot of gear, and one thing that never fails to amaze us is the degree of innovation in small packs. The Gregory Targhee FastTrack 24 is a perfect example: every decision made on this pack reflects its singular purpose, to bootpack your skis to the top of your favorite track, and then […]

  • Gregory Border Traveler 30 Travel Backpack

    It's no secret that here at Gearflogger we love us some small-to-medium size backpacks. A backpack is just a small garage you carry around with you, or as George Carlin said, a place for your stuff. All packs can be just an open sack, or be specifically designed for biking, school, climbing, or, in the […]

  • Watershed Westwater Backpack Drybag

    Sometimes what you need in life is a ginormous waterproof bag. And sometimes you need that bag to be ridiculously stout, as in military grade. That is the point at which you seek out a Watershed drybag. Watershed makes drybags that are used by people who make their living in and around the water. Professional […]

  • Mystery Ranch Big Bop Shoulder Bag

    These days you can find a bag for anything. We know this because we saw a bag recently with large printing on the front: "Might be makeup, might be sex toys." That pretty much covers it. But what if you want to take your makeup and personal massage device(s) into harm's way? Well, then you […]

  • CamelBak Coronado Backpack

    Our love affair with small backpacks shows no sign of abating, and the latest object of our affection is the CamelBak Coronado. Why? Let's start with the latest camo pattern, multicam black. Camo is a religious topic among some – not us, but some other fanatics out there! – and multicam black will give you […]

  • Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 Backpack

    Gossamer Gear was ultralight before ultralight was cool. Founded as GVP Gear by Glen Van Pleski way back before the 21st century was a thing, Gossamer Gear has a much broader product offering these days but its packs are still the beating heart of the company, and their Mariposa 60 is the… left ventricle? OK, […]

  • CamelBak Ultra Belt

    Things that carry things may be our favorite things of all here at GFHQ. We've long been fascinated by clever small packs, and the CamelBak Ultra belt definitely fits in that category. It's a waist/belt/fanny pack for the minimalist runner/biker/hiker/skier, and the only question is: can you fit your stuff in it? The Ultra has […]

  • Camelbak MULE Mil-Spec Hydration Pack

    CamelBak is synonymous with hydration packs, and one of their flagship models since it was introduced back before dirt was invented – that's 1996, OK Millennial? – is the M.U.L.E., which used to stand for Medium to Ultra Long Endurance. We'll claim editorial privilege and omit the periods because, hey, they're annoying as hell to […]

  • Mystery Ranch Full Moon Hip and Shoulder Bag

    Mystery Ranch is home to some of the roughest, toughest packs in the world, trusted to perform by firefighters, hunters, military and law enforcement. That doesn't mean they neglect the little things, as evidenced by the Full Moon hip and shoulder bag. OK, it's a fanny pack, or if that's too anatomically specific for you, […]