Category: The North Face

  • The North Face Flight Futurelight Jacket

    If you've been shopping for a shell jacket this past year you've probably heard the buzz around The North Face's new Futurelight fabric. It's a three layer shell made of nano-spun polyurethane, which allows material to be constructed of smaller grids of material with correspondingly smaller holes for better breathability and weather resistance. Another advantage […]

  • The North Face L4 Softshell Hoodie

    One of the big questions in modern gear: hoodie or hoody? The North Face sticks with the former, sticking its thumb in the collective eye of the "sometimes Y" crowd. Yet tantalizingly, the sticker on the price card attached to the jacket says "HYBRID HDY," leaving open, perhaps, the possibility of rapprochement in the future. […]

  • The North Face Phantom 38 Pack

    The North Face has really stepped up their game the past few years, and a great example of the fast and functional gear they're putting out is the Phantom pack. Available in 38 and 50 liter capacities, we looked at the smaller one to see how much performance we could wring out of a lightweight […]

  • The North Face Progressor Insulated Hybrid Hoodie

    Hybrid jackets have been around for a few years now and are a proven product category. The format is insanely useful for high-output activities where you need some core insulation and upper body protection but still have to have the ability to vent off excess heat and moisture. The lightweight 11.6oz North Face Progressor is […]

  • The North Face ThermoBall Versa Boot

    And now for something a little different: The North Face ThermoBall Versa boot. It's a waterproof leather boot lined with PrimaLoft's synthetic puffy insulation, normally used in jackets and vests. The Versa is a handsome and stout but lightweight boot, with an aggressive sole made of IcePick rubber, a compound that is supposed to get […]

  • The North Face Jammu jacket

    Soft shells are the best shells. Except when they're not waterproof, but who rolls that way anymore? Have your cake and eat it too with The North Face Jammu jacket. It's one of the first waterproof soft shells made with Polartec NeoShell, a new tech that is much more breathable, quiet and stretchy than traditional hard shells. […]

  • The North Face Thin Air eyewear

    The Thin Air sunglass/goggle hybrids from The North Face gave me a whiplash flashback to a date I only refer to now as "the incident." Like my date the Thin Airs are svelte, sexy and look good in red. Like my date the Thin Airs are expensive. And like my date the Thin Airs ultimately […]

  • The North Face Dark Star sleeping bag

    The North Face Dark Star sleeping bag is guaranteed to keep you warm. Why? Because it weighs SIX POUNDS (add another half pound for a size long) and you will benefit all night from the heat you generate just carrying it around. Rated to -40F this bag is seriously toasty and will help you win […]

  • North Face Caber Hybrid jacket

    Don’t confuse The North Face Caber Hybrid with those cars that are saving the earth look stupid. This is a high-performance combination hard and soft shell that shoots for the holy grail (why isn’t there a jacket called the Vorpal Bunny?) of waterproofness and breathability. My partner swears by this jacket, and not at it, […]