Category: Tents

  • MSR Front Range Tarp Shelter

    Sometimes, all you need is a tarp. And a trekking pole, or a stick or something to prop it up, of course. And some stakes, rocks or more sticks to guy it out. But you get the idea, simplicity! Tarps are desirable because they're easy to pack, light on the back and quick to pitch. […]

  • Coleman OneSource 10×10 Canopy Shelter

    Let us be the first to admit we were a bit skeptical about the premise: adding power and lighting to a pop-up canopy? Sounds like tryharderism. And yet… we're intrigued, tell us more about this Coleman OneSource shelter idea. So after trying out the shelter on a recent weekend family car camping trip we have […]

  • MSR Papa Hubba NX 4 Person Tent

    Here at Gearflogger we love us some Hubba Hubba. And yet, we yearned for more. OK, we yearned for one more, as in the three person Mutha Hubba NX, in which to store a full trio of floggers. But a great sadness fell across the land when we couldn't find a Mutha Hubba. And lo, […]

  • MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent

    A tent is literally your home away from home on the trail, and the more dialed-in the tent design the more at home you'll feel. MSR's tent designers are masters of the art, as evidenced by the latest update to their category-leading two-person backpacking tent: the Hubba Hubba NX 2, which eliminates the choice between […]

  • Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

    Kicking off our summer reviews, here's a solution to sun and wind protection on the beach or at the soccer field. Coleman's DayTripper beach shade is a thoughtfully designed shelter for families with small children or really anyone who might need something that provides better access than a tent. The DayTripper features a UPF of […]

  • Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 tent

    Note: this is a review of last year's model, which is pictured left. This year's model is slightly different and a vestibule is an option; we're working on getting one to review. Look around, you might find last year's at a steep discount. On the Gearflogger Denali expedition last year, I chose the single-wall, ultralight […]

  • Sierra Designs Flash 2 tent

    Sierra Designs is one of the leading innovators in outdoor gear these days. The Flash 2 tent is a great design that provides quick pitching and great livability if you're willing to pack just a little extra weight and give up a bit of storm tolerance. The Flash 2 is a three season, two person […]

  • Marmot Alpinist Bivy

    Yea, we have seen the light! The fast and light, that is, and woe unto those who travel with too much crap on their back, for they shall wail and gnash their nasty teeth and beat their sunken chests. Go forth and get a bivy, we say. The Marmot Alpinist bivy is about as minimalist as […]

  • Bibler Fitzroy tent

    After the nuclear holocaust when the only living things left are Keith Richards and cockroaches, they'll be partying large in the Bibler Fitzroy tents that survived with them. We can attest to the bombproof design of the Fitzroy, a veteran of multiple Denali and Rainier attempts where it kept us safe and snug. Like most […]

  • REI Hobitat 6 tent

    Big. Ass. Tent. There is absolutely nothing hobbit-sized about the REI Hobitat 6 tent, except perhaps that at just over 20 pounds it weighs as much as a hobbit. A small one, anyway, but hey, aren't they all small? The redsesigned for 2011 Hobitat 6 is intended for car camping or basecamp use, and with that in mind it's […]