Category: Technique

  • Black Diamond Gear Myths: How Do You Tie In?

    Boxers versus briefs: lame and so 1994 (unless of course you're concerned about sperm count…)! Wiping sitting versus standing: interesting, but gross! Tying in top-down versus bottom-up? Oh it's on like donkey kong! In this relentless pre-midterm election s**tstorm of bad behavior, take a minute for something lighthearted yet interesting – only to climbers of […]

  • How to place an ice screw by Roger Strong

    Black Diamond gear pimp Roger Strong, fresh off his profile in Rock and Ice Magazine, has a nice little video demo illustrating the correct placement of an ice screw. He mentions the 10 to 15 degree upward angle placement, which is always worth saying. Just last season my partner and I watched a guide explaining […]