Category: Suunto

  • Suunto 3 Sports Watch

    Hold the phones, stop the presses and insert your own archaic exclamatory reference here, ladies and gentlemen! The biggest complaints about sports watches are price, size, price, weight, price and features in that order. OK, we totally made up that "data" but it's right-ish. The Suunto 3 sports watch knocks all those reasons right down […]

  • Suunto Ambit ABC GPS HRM watch

    Watch, my fishbelly white ass. The Suunto Ambit is a supercomputer for your wrist, with the TLAs (that's Three Letter Acronyms) to match: it's an altimeter-barometer-compass with global positioning system and a heart rate monitor rolled into a 2.7 ounce slab of rubber, plastic and metal that runs your life from the end of your […]

  • Suunto T6c heart rate monitor

    Normally I rely on the SheFlogger to tell me how out of shape I am. No longer. I unpacked the Suunto t6c heart rate monitor, a scary, glossy malevolent presence in my cardio-free home. I stared at it, and it stared back. "You fat fuck," I heard it say. After an hour of affirmational self-talk I fired […]