Category: Stoves

  • MSR WindBurner Stove

    You really can't go wrong with any MSR stove, and the WindBurner is no exception. The WindBurner is billed as a stove system, which basically means that it comes in a dizzying array of combinations and configurations. The stove itself is the same in all but the Personal Stove System; that one is a hybrid […]

  • Coleman HyperFlame Gladiator Stove

    With the arrival of the Littleflogger some years ago, camping became a heavier affair than it used to be, at least when the flock of four-year-olds are along. You do begin to appreciate the convenience of some of those heavier items, exhibit A being the Coleman HyperFlame two-burner stove. As camp stoves go, the HyperFlame […]

  • Primus ExpressLander stove

    Teeny-friggin-tiny, that's the Primus ExpressLander stove. At 6.2 ounces it's getting into the insectoid weight division. I've seen cockroaches in Hawaii heavier than this thing. The ExpressLander is built on Primus' Express stove technology, but where the Express sits on top of a canister the ExpressLander hooks up with the ubiquitous white gas. It comes […]

  • Jetboil Flash stove

    Jetboil shook up the stove world a few years back with its revolutionary namesake stove. The little one-pound stove always knew it wanted its own handle, so after working as a runner, sucking on a 40 down at the corner and yelling "five-oh" it finally proved itself and was awarded a street name: the Flash! […]

  • Primus ExpressSpider stove

    I just watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo so I should know better than to trust those sadistic, serial-killing Swedes. Yet I found myself seduced once again by a shiny piece of minimalist Scandanavian hardware, in this case the Primus ExpressSpider LP gas canister stove. The ExpressSpider is a hoser, as opposed to a […]

  • MSR XGK Stove Expedition Service Kit

    Sometimes bad things happen to good expeditions. All too often that bad thing is your stove taking a little trip to the island of Tango Uniform. Altitude, cold and your partner's gross incompetence are contributing factors. For those unhappy times the wise expedition pre-pares for re-pairs. Larger expeditions can simply go redundant and bring multiple, […]

  • Brunton Gannett Grill

    Brunton has a great tagline: "Why buy Brunton? No suits or ties were worn by anyone involved in the design, development or production of our products." Brunton makes a lot of reasonably-priced stuff, and a necessary decision in being a price leader is deciding where to put limits on features, quality or both. The propane-fired […]

  • Coleman Rendezvous 2-burner stove

    How does 25lb of lovin' sound to you? If you're looking for a basecamp-class stove that has everything including the kitchen sink, Coleman has a not-so-little somethin-somethin for ya. The Rendezvous 2-burner is a massive suitcase style stove that opens to the side. You can remove the lid easily by sliding it off. To help you […]

  • MSR XGK EX stove

    I bought my first MSR XGK stove in 1989, and if I remember correctly it was on at least its second iteration even then. And that was before your fancy shaker jet technology, punk. The new XGK EX has evolved nicely for its intended use by high-altitude, cold weather expeditions. The XGK EX runs on […]

  • MSR Trillium stove base

    The trouble with Trilliums is that they reproduce so quickly they overrun… no, wait, those are Tribbles. My bad. The Trillium is MSR’s universal (works with all non-canister models) stove base. Never used a stove base? You’ve never cooked in the snow. There are only two things that really matter in a stove base, and […]