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  • Slumberjack Cub 40 Kid’s Sleeping Bag

    It's crazy how much you can spend on outdoor gear for kids these days, but let's face it: your eight-year-old is not going to summit K2 this year, and even if s/he does it at age ten they will still need new gear because they grow like weeds. Slumberjack has a novel solution, a reasonably […]

  • Slumberjack Low Cot

    A cot is a handy thing, useful for everything from hosting unexpected house guests to sending with your kid to a friend's house overnight to glamping. Slumberjack has a number of cot options, and we looked at the one with the smallest profile, the Low Cot. It's called the Low Cot because… well, duh. It […]

  • Slumberjack Carbine 2500 Pack & Pursuit Vest

    Slumberjack has really been on an innovative streak the past few years. Their latest gear to impress us: two load carriers decked out in Kryptek Highlander. Both are part of their Kryptek collection of tactical and hunting equipment. The Carbine 2500 is a exactly what a hunting pack should be. It's light at 3lbs 11oz […]

  • Slumberjack Wheeler Lake 20 Sleeping Bag

    Slumberjack makes tents, sleeping bags, clothing and other gear targeted at people who go outdoors to find something to bring home to eat. Having been raised hunting and fishing in Alaska I can certainly appreciate the appeal of reasonably priced gear that can take some abuse, and as a bonus Slumberjack gear can pull double-duty […]