Category: Skiing & boarding

  • Bootyo XC Ski Wraps

    In our eternal quest to find the perfect ski wraps we bring you Bootyo XC ski wraps. About as simple as it gets, a 13-inch strap is about half webbing and half foam with some velcro. Wrap one around the tips and one around the tail and you're good to go. The foam can be […]

  • Bowtie Ski and Pole Carrier

    It's pain to wrangle skis and poles, whether it's from the corner of the garage into your car or from your car up to the lift or really anywhere else. There are a number of solutions to ski portage, but a simple strap has a lot of advantages and the Bowtie wraps it all up […]

  • Allen & Mike’s Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book, Revised

    We're huge fans of everything Mike & Al, and we still constantly find ourselves recommending to folks their classic Backcountry Ski Book. If you're unfamiliar with Mike and Al's books, you're really missing out: both the writing and the illustrations are clear, concise and unpretentious, making for truly enjoyable reading and learning. Not just for skiiers, about […]

  • Nordica Patron Pro Alpine Ski Boot

    Let's get the most important thing out of the way right up front: this boot is discontinued, but as of the moment we write this you can still find it at deep discounts on the intertoobz. And let us list the reasons you should be looking, beyond the drop-dead good looks. Murdered out, no doubt. […]

  • Arc’Teryx Scarabee women’s pant

    OK, here's the thing: we love Arc'Teryx for their fit and quality while cringing at the price. Only you can decide if the tradeoff is worth it, and we understand if you're looking to score a deal on discontinued items. If you're a skier or boarder looking at the Scarabee pant here's what you need […]

  • Leki Equipe S Xtrafit gloves

    Leki has this thing going on with their Trigger S strap system, and it's a good thing. The perfect mate for their Speed S Carbon Trigger poles, the Equipe S is a stellar performer all the way around. The Equipe has a sewn cord loop that clips into compatible poles like the Speed, and the […]

  • Leki Speed S Carbon Trigger poles

    Vendors tweak basic gear designs all the time. On a rare good day that tweak rises to the top of the evolutionary pile as a clearly superior mutation, like Brangelina. Passing the fitness function with flying colors is the Leki Speed S Carbon Trigger pole. This pole starts with a very nice 24oz carbon pole […]

  • Tecnica Agent 80 ski boots

    OK wanna-be secret agent man, your gear is here. The Tecnica Agent 80 ski boot is designed to help you move your skills up to double-O status. The 80 indicates the flex rating: this is a relatively soft boot with forgiving flex that non-expert skiers will appreciate. If you've got lower-volume feet consider the women's […]

  • Volkl Unlimited AC20 ’09/’10 ski

    Like the man said, I'm just an oridinary average guy. But I have big dreams, and there's nothing the cold, cruel slopes like more than the taste of sweet, crunchy dreams. So I have to step up my game, but I don't want to break the bank. Solved, with the Volkl Unlimited AC20 skis and […]

  • K2 Shuksan alpine touring ski

    Used to be that a rando ski was just some old boards with 'biner holes drilled in the tip. Oh what a difference a zillion years of evolution makes. K2 has updated their standout do-everything AT ski, the Shuksan, with a new tip that improves both edge hold and turn initiation. Designed in collaboration with Martin […]