Category: Sierra Designs

  • Sierra Designs Gnar Lite down jacket

    What magic is this? Down that is dry? Just when you think innovation in outdoor gear has stalled out, along comes new tech like the Sierra Designs Gnar Lite down jacket. It's been out for a couple years now, but it's still state of the art and even better, you can find it on sale! […]

  • Sierra Designs Flash 2 tent

    Sierra Designs is one of the leading innovators in outdoor gear these days. The Flash 2 tent is a great design that provides quick pitching and great livability if you're willing to pack just a little extra weight and give up a bit of storm tolerance. The Flash 2 is a three season, two person […]

  • Sierra Designs Super Stratus down jacket

    Sierra Designs has been a Gearflogger fave for years. Our first experience with DriDown was their Gnar Lite jacket, which has been first in rotation when Fall weather hits. Now the choice is tougher with the new Super Stratus DriDown jacket, SD's warmest backcountry piece. DriDown, in case you've been on a desert island, is […]

  • Sierra Designs Tov women’s down jacket

    Sierra Designs is really hitting it out of the park with their latest down jackets. We were impressed with the Gnar Lite men's down jacket and its DriDown technology, but what really made an impression was when we realized it had suddenly become our everyday go-to coat. SD does SheFlogger a solid with the women's […]

  • Sierra Designs Enforcer glove

    Oh ho ho, and what have we here? Just a smokin' hot pair of ski gloves from Sierra Designs. The Enforcer glove has the look, no doubt, but it also has the mojo to rip it up on the slopes or anywhere you need warm, waterproof and padded hand protection. In fact, you may be […]

  • Sierra Designs men’s Revival and women’s Jubilee packs

    It's a pack-a-palooza! Sierra Designs, absent from the pack market lo these many years, storms back onto the scene with two of the most livable general purpose packs we've humped. Humped as in hiked with, not… you know. The men's Revival and women's Jubilee have identical features for both the men's and women's 65 and […]

  • Sierra Designs Rad jacket

    B-I-G. That was our first thought passing the waterproof breathable Sierra Designs Rad jacket around. The sleeves hung down past our fingertips, and the whole jacket has a boxy feel about it. That said, it's kind of a comfy boxy. If you've got an ape index that's way up there and are looking for something […]

  • Sierra Designs women’s Lunatic Hoody jacket

    "The lunatic is on the grass…" Well sure, but that's just California, and that vote legalizing pot would have passed if any of them had remembered to vote. Anyway, if you're heading to the dark side of the moon and need a little soft shell company, check out the Lunatic Hoody from Sierra Designs. The […]

  • Sierra Designs Gnar jacket

    Sierra Designs throws a few curves in its new down jacket, the Gnar, available in hooded and naked, and in men's and women's. We tested the naked men's version; the fit looks to be different on the women's, which has a much more contoured look. The Gnar is a lightweight 11.7oz 800 fill down jacket […]

  • Sierra Designs Jive jacket

    Sierra Designs has decided that carbon based life forms deserve carbon based clothing. They've partnered with Cocona to produce what you could call either a hard soft shell or a soft hard shell, depending on how you see your glass. The very wearable Jive jacket uses Cocona's xCellerator fabric, which is derived from coconut husks […]