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  • Clip & Carry Kydex Sheath

    We love us some Kydex, so much that we were considering buying a few sheets and rivets and making a press to build our own carrying sheaths for whatever struck our fancy. Then we remembered how lazy we are, and when we found Clip & Carry, a veteran-owned business that employs other veterans, it was […]

  • Sharpal All-in-1 Sharpener

    Happiness is a fully stocked woodpile: 20 percent spruce, sappy and good for starting a fire, and 80 percent birch, for longer burn time. Sadness is realizing you finally need to sharpen your axe, and you don't have access to an old-fashioned pedal grindstone. Happiness is when you find out you can do a pretty […]

  • DMOS Stealth Shovel

    I've been a little slow to warm up to the whole crowdfunding thing, but I have to admit some pretty cool stuff does come out of the process. Exhibit A is the DMOS Stealth shovel, a great addition to your backcountry kit as the snow piles up this winter. The Stealth is a cool looking […]

  • Leatherman Skeletool Multitool

    Some marketing exec at Leatherman is sitting around one Saturday morning, probably stoned, watching Masters of the Universe and eating a third El Capitan-sized bowl of Crunchberries. Because stoned, because Colorado because legal now. "Skeletor," s/he thinks after watching the evil villain be defeated by yet another dumb do-gooder trick, "is a Skeletool!" Hmm, s/he […]

  • Ortovox Kodiak shovel

    Spring skiing is still going strong, big mountain adventures are just starting, and all that means being prepared for snow camping and avalanche country. Ortovox knows backcountry safety as good as anyone out there. Perhaps best known for their avalanche transceivers, they also make some great shovels, backpacks and other accessories. We recently fell in lust […]

  • Vortex Solo 10×36 Monocular

    Magnified optics are only the best invention ever – oops, second best, because beer! – but unfortunately you can spend a small fortune on good glass. Vortex is a rare exception, producing high quality optics for less than extortionate prices. The Solo 10×36 monocular is an awesome piece of kit. You don't always need to […]

  • Fixnzip Zipper Repair System

    Broken zippers can rank pretty high on the frustration scale, the more so the farther you are from the stuff you need to make a repair. And once you're back to civilization, the fun is not over, as a broken pull can mean replacing the entire zipper, which is not cheap. Fixnzip to the rescue! […]

  • Leatherman MUT Multitool

    Leatherman is an iconic American company at this point, but they don't rest on their laurels. A sweet piece of innovation that benefits our men and women in harm's way is their MUT, a multitool with features specific to maintaining and repairing firearms. The MUT is a little beast of a tool, weighing in at […]

  • Ka-Bar Becker Campanion BK2 knife

    When the stuff hits the fan, there are a few essentials you want in your kit to ensure peace of mind and soundness of body in the way-backcountry. A lot of us carry a multi-tool on shorter outings, but if you're going to the field for an extended period of time you need a beefy […]

  • Black Diamond Z-Pole trekking poles on sale

    UPDATED: on sale as of 2/4/2013. This is getting ridiculous. The Black Diamond Ultra Distance trekking poles weigh in at 4.7 ounces each for the 120cm length. They just disappear into your pack or into your hand. You don't swing them so much as point them. BD's new Z-Pole technology is used in three of […]