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  • Salomon Shelter Climashield Waterproof Boots

    We've been big fans of Salomon's Deemax series of waterproof soft shell boots for daily use and light hiking ever since they came out, most recently the current version 3.0, on sale now at REI Garage for $109.73, down from $170.00. The Deemax has a speed lace, which are those dental floss-like thin laces that cinch […]

  • Salomon Deemax 2 Dry Winter Boots

    Deee-Lite says the groove is in the heart. True, but the warmth is in the feet if you're wearing Salomon's Deemax 2 Dry winter boots. When I was a kid I was stuck with moon boots and let's just say they weren't as cool as Napoleon Dynamite made them seem. The original Deemax was a handsome boot that […]

  • Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid LTR GTX shoes

    You gotta love Salomon shoes, and for absolute living proof check out the Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid LTR GTX. It's a trail runner, a light hiker, an approach shoe for nasty conditions. It's whatever you want it to be, and whatever you use it for you'll love it. The shoe has great waterproofing, an aggressive […]

  • Salomon Tundra -40F Boot

    I have something very painful to admit, but this time it doesn't require penicillin. Brace yourself: I used to wear moon boots. To those of you who don't know what those are, I have one thing to say: get off my lawn. Those of us experienced in the wearing of moon boots in arctic conditions […]

  • Salomon B52 boots

    Not quite as fun as carpet-bombing small countries that can’t fight back, Salomon’s B52 is nonetheless a wicked warm snow boot. Actually called the B52 TS GTX I must omit the alphabet soup because it makes me want to hurl the contents of my stomach onto the nearest marketing executive. Bastards. Stuff your TS in […]

  • Salomon XA Pro 3D XCR shoes

    Suffering from more than the normal share of “let’s give every feature on the shoe a fancy buzzword and then put it all in the name” -itis, the Salomon XA Pro 3D XCR is nonetheless a great light hiker. Some people use it to run too, but there’s no way to force them to get […]

  • Salomon Revo SCS GTX boots

    Salmon taste good Solomon was a wise king Salomon knows footwear and the Revo proves this right out of the box, with plush EVA midsoles and excellent light hiking performance. The Gore-Tex liners are highly water-resistant, but don’t hang out cooling your dogs in that creek for too long or you will get wet. The […]