Category: Rock-N-Rescue

  • RNR Raider Ultra-Violet Locking Carabiner

    Looking back in our personal gear history, our first memory of being fascinated by a shiny object, that eventually led to a lifetime of gear acquisition and abject poverty, was a humble carabiner. They are still in our minds the ultimate image of the climbing life. In some ways biners have come a long way, […]

  • RNR Lava Infinity Wiregate Carabiner

    We think carabiners are sexy, and we know you do too, which is why we're always excited to see a new biner on the market. Rock-N-Rescue hooked us up with their fresh-off-the-forge Lava Infinity wiregate, and it's a case of beauty going all the way to the bone. Or the hot-forged aluminum, in this case. […]