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  • REI Tarn 12 and 18 Kid’s Backpacks

    It was long past time to upgrade Littleflogger to his next level backpack. He's six years old and it's time he carried his own weight. OK, maybe not the full 50 pounds, but at least his lunch and a few layers. We've got a full travel schedule this year and the pack will function as […]

  • Novara Afterburner 2.0 Kid’s Bike Trailer

    At some point you realize your kid has outgrown the Chariot. This is natural, as is the grieving process that follows. Yeah, sure was nice being able to throw the little one in the cocoon and take off. No more though, and it's time to upgrade. Break open the wallet and head to REI. The […]

  • REI Airflyte Running Pants

    REI has created a really good pair of pants with the Airflyte. Almost perfect, in fact. The first great thing about them is how they look. They're neither baggy nor tight, with sufficient room in the thighs to accommodate actual muscle – something we frankly didn't expect from a running pant – and a nice […]

  • REI Lightweight Polartec Power Dry Half-Zip Top

    The freshly redesigned REI Lightweight Polartec Power Dry Half-Zip top needs a fresh new shorter name, but other than that it's a perfect piece of topper. We've used the prior design on Denali twice and love it. The newbie is going up shortly for its breaking in. The LPPDHZT (seriously?) uses two different yarns, one […]

  • REI Lunch Bag and Lunch Sack

    Sometimes in life it's the simple things. And on a really, really good day, the simple things are also the inexpensive things. We had a good day recently browsing at REI and finding not one, but two – two! – lunch bags that cost little and are now in daily use at Flogger HQ. The […]

  • REI Comfort LTG chair

    Low to ground. If that doesn't describe my fat ass, I don't know what does. LTG, baby, and now I have a place to park it. REI has all our asses covered with the Comfort LTG chair, a supremely comfortable camp chair that also stands up to the inevitable Jack Daniels-fueled hijinks that will ensue […]

  • REI Hobitat 6 tent

    Big. Ass. Tent. There is absolutely nothing hobbit-sized about the REI Hobitat 6 tent, except perhaps that at just over 20 pounds it weighs as much as a hobbit. A small one, anyway, but hey, aren't they all small? The redsesigned for 2011 Hobitat 6 is intended for car camping or basecamp use, and with that in mind it's […]

  • REI Endeavor vest

    One vest to rule them all! We're big fans of REI's Endeavor line of clothing, and this vest absolutely rocks. The double-weave 89% polyester/11% spandex material is the best of all worlds: UPF 50, breathable, wind resistant and repellent of light precipitation. It's the ultimate travel clothing, the shorts having survived a month of bushwhacking […]

  • Novara Expanding Wedge seat bag

    Remember the wedgies you used to get during gym class? This is different, so quit your whining. Straight outta Novara, REI's house brand for biking, the Expanding Wedge is a perfect little seat bag that mounts on your seat post, with one important caveat, so read to the end for once in your ADHD-driven existence. […]

  • REI Venturi Quarter-Zip shirt

    It's a blissful experience when you find that piece of clothing that never seems to make it to the washing machine because you're always wearing it. After a few weeks in the same shirt, some may say I smell like ass. But really, how do they know? Are they some kind of crackasaurus, always sticking […]