Category: Protection snow & ice

  • Black Diamond Express ice screw

    What do you call it when your favorite ice screw is updated, making you feel compelled to go out and replace your entire rack at $56.95 a pop? Doubly screwed comes to mind, in this case by the Black Diamond Express, the screw formerly known as the Turbo Express. Turbo is now exclusively the name […]

  • Petzl Caritool ice screw holder

    If you’re still racking ice screws on ‘biners you might as well be a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. Seriously, you suck. Get an ice screw holder like the Petzl caritool. It’s just a plastic – I’m sorry, resin (like plastic but more expensive to help pay off marketing majors’ student loans) – ‘biner […]

  • Ortovox M2 Avalanche Beacon

    Available in GearFlogger Orange – look it up, it's in the Crayola box – the Ortovox M2 is a hybrid digital/analog unit with an impressive 80 meter search range. Yes it takes a bit more practice to use than some of the so-called idiot-proof units out there, but if you need to carry a beacon […]

  • Wonder Wands

    I have no idea who makes these things, and after multiple Internet searches on "Wonder Wand" turned up sex toy after sex toy I had to call it quits when my hand cramped up… from typing, you pervs! These come in sets of ten, including eight orange flags for general use and two red flags […]

  • Climb High Titanium ice screw

    Ice screws are in my mind divided into two types: the kind you would trust your life to on steep or vertical ice, and the kind you use for lesser applications like anchoring a tent or leaving behind on an emergency rappel. This screw falls into latter category. On the pro side, it’s cheap and […]

  • Yates Cable Picket

    This is a "New Zealand style pickett" with a V profile. It is available with and without a cable, both at 22" length. I recommend the cable version with its generous 42" runner. These pickets are a few ounces lighter than most others, and the V profile stacks compactly versus a T profile. They are […]