Category: Protection rock

  • Black Diamond Camalot C4 cams

    Camalots have been around forever. I have a full set from the halcyon years of the early 1990s with double stems and "Chouinard" stamped on them. I am just that old-school, and exactly that stingy. The new ones are even better and feature numerous improvements. They have a single stem now, an integrated sling, are […]

  • Omega Pacific Link Cam

    There's shiny like a button, and then there's shiny like the sweat on Megan Fox at a car wash. Omega Pacific Link Cams are the latter. They demand to be touched. You've been warned: don't put your nasty bagel-grabbers on one of these solid-single-stemmed beauties up unless you're willing to lay down the lucre. Link […]

  • ClimbTech Removable Anchor

    There are some very creative people working at ClimbTech. They are possibly crazy as well. Who else would invent a removable bolt? And yet… there may be method to their madness. The ClimbTech RB removable anchor is removable rock pro based on a clever adaptation of the sliding wedge principle, kind of like a Lowe […]

  • DMM Wallnuts passive pro

    The name Wallnuts reminds me of a drinking game in college where you face a wall while holding a ping pong ball above your head. Upon dropping said ball you attempt to pin it to the wall with your forehead. If you miss you drink. Ah, good times. DMM's Wallnuts are a considerably smarter investment, […]

  • Black Diamond Camalot C3 cams

    Black Diamond has been doing cams since Christ was a private, but the C3 is relatively new for them: a three-lobe cam to complement the recently redesigned C4 that has – wait for it – four lobes. The C3 comes in five small sizes, 000 to 2, each color coded. They extend the size range […]