Category: Princeton Tec

  • Princeton Tec Amp 1L flashlight

    Princeton Tec makes some nice lighting products. We're big fans of their cycle lights and their Byte headlamp, for example. The Amp 1L flashlight is a capable little flashlight if you value waterproofness in a lightweight light. The Amp is waterproof to 100 meters, and with a carabiner clip it can accompany you pretty much anywhere […]

  • Princeton Tec Bot headlamp

    Itty-bitty headlamps are insanely useful and should be near the top of your gift list this holiday season. Priced right for a stocking stuffer is the Princeton Tec Bot headlamp, targeted at kids but really, what the hell do they have to look at that's so important? The Bot is great for all sizes of […]

  • Princeton Tec Push front bike light

    Biking at night seems like an accident waiting to happen, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. If you're one of those hardy souls who relies on your bike as your primary means of transportation, or if you're just one of those winter biking nuts, chances are you're out in the soup and the […]

  • Princeton Tec Swerve rear bike light

    Be seen. This is the advice I have for you. Especially if you're a crazy winter biker in the City with No Sidewalks (that would be Anchorage, Alaska in the winter when snow is plowed onto all horizontal surfaces). A tail light for your bike can save your bacon, and Princeton Tec has a great […]

  • Princeton Tec Byte headlamp

    Princeton Tec, or as it's known in the rap game, P-tec, puts out really good lights these days. Exhibit A: the Byte headlamp, a water-resistant (IPX4), flyweight 2.1oz unit that won't break the bank and guarantees good times when the lights go out. The Byte comes in what is a now a fairly standard form […]