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  • Primus ExpressLander stove

    Teeny-friggin-tiny, that's the Primus ExpressLander stove. At 6.2 ounces it's getting into the insectoid weight division. I've seen cockroaches in Hawaii heavier than this thing. The ExpressLander is built on Primus' Express stove technology, but where the Express sits on top of a canister the ExpressLander hooks up with the ubiquitous white gas. It comes […]

  • Primus ExpressSpider stove

    I just watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo so I should know better than to trust those sadistic, serial-killing Swedes. Yet I found myself seduced once again by a shiny piece of minimalist Scandanavian hardware, in this case the Primus ExpressSpider LP gas canister stove. The ExpressSpider is a hoser, as opposed to a […]

  • Primus EtaPower Pots

    We always thought Primus was the only band ever to get its own ID3 genre tag. Yeah, they're that strange. Turns out there's another Primus in town covering the not-so-heavy metal scene. They're primarily into aluminum, with a titanium coating. Primus the gear company is known for its stoves and cookware. We tested the EtaPower aluminum pots […]