Category: Photography

  • OmiCam Action Camera

    Here at Gearflogger we've traditionally had a ho-hum attitude towards action cams like the eponymous GoPro. We don't generally feel the need to revisit or share our outdoor experiences, but clearly there are plenty of people who do. Lately we've been wondering if we're missing something, so when we saw there was a new kid […]

  • Cotton Carrier G3 Camera Harness

    Here at Gearflogger we're a sucker for vest style carriers of all kinds. Any kinds. For anything. Well, OK, maybe not this. Or this. But maybe this. One we'd wear for absolutely sure is the Cotton Carrier G3 camera harness. We know two things – two! – about cameras. (a) they're hideously expensive so you […]

  • Peak Design CapturePRO Camera Clip

    When it's time to jock up, you need to be able to affix gear to your body in such a way that you can get to it quickly, but without compromising security. Nobody wants to see their thousand-dollar camera falling toward its demise. Peak Design builds a lot of stuff to carry your camera, all […]

  • Lowepro Urban Reporter 250 photographer’s bag

    What can you say about Lowepro? They know what photographers want and need, and they make a metric s**t-ton of lustworthy bags for every conceivable purpose. The Urban Reporter 250 is designed to merge your camera and computing gear in one everyday bag. The flapover design is stylish enough for around town, and the padded […]

  • Lowepro Nova Sport 7L AW camera bag

    Lowepro has been equipping photographers for every possible scenario since bicycles had square tires and it was uphill both ways. The Nova Sport 7L AW is a DSLR shoulder bag that fends off the elemental nasties with aplomb. The cool thing about camera bags is how well thought out they invariably are. I guess it's […]

  • Joby Pro Sling Strap

    With apologies to George Carlin, you need stuff to carry your stuff. Photographers, like climbers – and god forbid you're both – need their ridiculously expensive gear attached to their body and immediately handy. Joby has lots of options to help with that. The Joby Pro Sling Strap is a lightweight and really well-made camera […]

  • Lowepro Photo Sport Pro 30L camera bag

    Lowepro is one of just a handful of top-tier bag makers for professional and aspiring photographers. Their Photo Sport Pro 30 liter camera bag is a nicely designed daypack-style pack that allows easy access to your DSLR while on the go. The Photo Sport Pro has a lot of room, and a stiff internal frame […]

  • Gura Gear Chobe camera bag

    Here's a little something for all you OCD photoglodytes (get it? photographer + troglodyte?) out there: Gura Gear is here to enable you with their hyperorganized kit, in this case the Chobe 19 to 24 litre shoulder bag. Calling the Chobe a shoulder bag is like saying Joan Rivers had a "little" work done. The […]

  • Olympus Camera Flotation Strap

    You know how it goes: buy expensive waterproof camera. Bring on boat. Drop overboard. Repeat as necessary until you figure out that waterproof doesn't equal positive buoyancy. Olympus to the rescue with a simple and inexpensive solution to a potentially very expensive problem. The Camera Flotation Strap replaces your normal camera strap with a foam-filled […]

  • Digital Photography Outdoors book

    In Some Like It Hot Jack Lemmon describes watching Marilyn Monroe walk as "like jell-o on springs!" That type of unpredictable motion also happens to describe my photographs, and that mental association may explain why I want to lick them… but I digress. Optical image stabilization helps with the jell-o shots – mmm, jell-o shots […]