Category: Pets

  • Staruby Collapsible Pet Bowls

    Hiking with pets means bringing some kind of container to hold food and water. Ideally it's lightweight, easily attached to a pack and easy to store. The Staruby collapsible pet bowls hit all the right notes. The inexpensive bowls are BPA free, collapse to about a half-inch thick and come with a carabiner to attach […]

  • Rad Dog Pocket Bowl

    Ultralight works for two legs, why not for four? The Rad Dog Pocket Bowl weighs just under an ounce, rolls up smaller than a Bic lighter, and even has a piece of elastic to aid in keeping it rolled. There are plenty of portable dog bowls out there, and each design has its tradeoffs. The […]

  • BioBags dog waste bags

    Man's best friend is, of course, the SheFlogger. But right after that is the GearDogger. Our four-legged coprophilic companions are an integral part of many backcountry adventures. In general it seems like there's a trend for more dog-friendly places to roam, and to keep that trend going here's our plug for poop removal. BioBag makes all kinds […]

  • Fozzils Solo Pack cup+dish+bowl+spoon

    Origami is hot these days, apparently. Not bad for an art that saw it's first official how-to manual published in the 18th century. Fozzils takes an old technique in new directions with a cup, dish, bowl and spoon set for backcountry chow-downs. The Solo Pack has all four pieces folded flat in an ingenious design that uses little […]