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  • Outdoor Research Women’s Ferrosi Hoodie

    Hoodie or hoody? Either way if it's Outdoor Research + Ferrosi = we're in. If you're looking for a lightweight, stretchy, breathable, durable softshell that also happens to look fabulous no matter how much you abuse it, it's hard to beat anything Ferrosi. Well, that's pretty much the review in a nutshell. Oops. But specs! […]

  • Outdoor Research Method Cord Pants

    Outdoor Research has always made great clothing, but they've really kicked it into overdrive with their men's pants. We are already huge fans of their Balebreaker pants for, well, just about everything. Now along comes the Method cord, and the only problem is we can't wear both at once. The Method Cord is a collaboration […]

  • Outdoor Research Alpine Onset Ubertube Top

    Everybody say it with me now! What do we like? Merino wool baselayers! How do we like them? In cool colors with funky features! Yes, you've got it, and so does Outdoor Research with their funky and cool Ubertube top. The Ubertube comes in some classy monotones as well, but that blue camo, you know […]

  • Outdoor Research Interstellar Jacket

    Some days are just great gear days, and the day we put on the Interstellar jacket from Outdoor Research was one of those days. The Interstellar looks on the outside like just another hard shell, and yeah it's that but also so much more. It's no exaggeration to say the Interstellar can be your only […]

  • Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody

    Outdoor Research makes some phenomenal products, and you know with a name like Deviator it's gonna be good. OK, maybe not as good as if it was named Deviant, but I know they're walking a fine line there, corporate social responsibility and all that. The Deviator is a class of clothing that didn't exist until […]

  • Outdoor Research Sensor Command deck bag

    True story, I remember once I was working for a university marine science program, and they put out an ad for a deck winch but they misspelled winch as wench. Never did see the applicants, but it had to be an interesting lot. Outdoor Research spells it right with their new Sensor Command deck bag. […]

  • Outdoor Research Peruvian Hat

    Here's some GearFloggin' for your noggin: the classic Outdoor Research uber-beanie, their Peruvian hat featuring a solid tick-list of alpine necessities. The Peruvian looks like a standard four-panel crown construction beanie, of which there are many good ones out there. What sets it apart are four critical features for serious backcountry use. First, it's made […]

  • Outdoor Research Acetylene Jacket – On Sale!

    The hybrid jacket is officially a mainstream thorax cover. Seems like you see them everywhere, and every company has one. The Outdoor Research Acetylene, the original jackalope of a jacket, half vest, half shirt, is still one of the best. The Acetylene is basically a fleece jacket with 60 grams of PrimaLoft Eco synthetic fill quilted […]

  • Outdoor Research Throttle Shorts

    A good pair of shorts never goes out of style. Outdoor Research makes a lot of great apparel for serious backcountry abuse, and we've loved their Throttle shorts for a couple seasons now. They're hard to find these days but Sierra Trading Post has a few left. The Throttle shorts have an elastic waistband with […]

  • Outdoor Research Sensor glove

    A fact of life in this digital age is that we are almost always connected. Smartphones in particular are constant companions for better and for worse. Outdoor Research recognizes the utility of the touchscreen and supports it with their Sensor glove, now slightly updated from the original and still great. The Sensor features TouchTec leather […]