Category: Ortovox

  • Ortovox Kodiak shovel

    Spring skiing is still going strong, big mountain adventures are just starting, and all that means being prepared for snow camping and avalanche country. Ortovox knows backcountry safety as good as anyone out there. Perhaps best known for their avalanche transceivers, they also make some great shovels, backpacks and other accessories. We recently fell in lust […]

  • Ortovox Haute Route 45 pack

    Ortovox – not actually a transformer, it turns out, although with all the features it shames Optimus Prime - makes rock-solid gear for serious backcountry touring. Their Haute Route 45 is named after the famed 112 mile high country ski tour from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland. It has everything you could possibly need to navigate the route […]

  • Ortovox M2 Avalanche Beacon

    Available in GearFlogger Orange – look it up, it's in the Crayola box – the Ortovox M2 is a hybrid digital/analog unit with an impressive 80 meter search range. Yes it takes a bit more practice to use than some of the so-called idiot-proof units out there, but if you need to carry a beacon […]