Category: Omega Pacific

  • Omega Pacific Link Cam

    There's shiny like a button, and then there's shiny like the sweat on Megan Fox at a car wash. Omega Pacific Link Cams are the latter. They demand to be touched. You've been warned: don't put your nasty bagel-grabbers on one of these solid-single-stemmed beauties up unless you're willing to lay down the lucre. Link […]

  • Omega Pacific Dash Alpine quickdraw

    Dash! Ah-ahhhh! Savior of… Whoa, wait a minute: wrong jingle. I guess that was a Flash Gordon flashback. But that would be a cool name for a product, the Dash Gordon. Strange that we're not employed in marketing. Think I'll have another brownie. Omega Pacific makes a lot of quickdraws. How many? All of them, […]