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  • myCharge Adventure H2O Portable Charger

    Portable power has never been more convenient, which is good news because we've never had so many devices that require frequent recharging: smart phones, tablets, watches, GPS, phasers, flux capacitors, you name it. All these things have legitimate roles in backcountry travel and frontcountry convenience, not to mention emergency and disaster preparedness. The last is […]

  • myCharge Camping Lantern

    It's hard to beat myCharge portable power banks, especially when they make them even more useful by adding lighting. The Camping Lantern by myCharge flips that on its head, starting with the light and adding the power bank. The myCharge Camping Lantern is smaller than 4 inches square and just under an inch thick, with […]

  • myCharge PowerFold 8000 Solar Charger

    Power good. Solar power better. Especially for small applications like backcountry or other expedient/emergency recharging of phones, tablets, e-readers, watches, cameras and other small devices. Until recently we had to choose between a portable solar panel, a portable battery pack, or lug along both. myCharge makes our lives a little simpler with the PowerFold 8000mAh […]

  • myCharge AdventureMax Portable Charger

    Portable chargers are a dime a dozen these days, so it's nice to see a design that makes an extra effort to cater to outdoors use. The myCharge line of chargers has long been a favorite of ours for their ruggedness and reliability, and the new myCharge AdventureMax 10,500mAh charger fits right in, allowing you […]