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  • MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier

    We'll just say it up front, MSR has designed what may be the perfect water purifier for small groups, capable of purifying ten liters of "worst-case" water at a rate of about one liter every two minutes, and with a filter rated for 3,000 liters of lifetime service. We know you have questions, like, what […]

  • MSR Front Range Tarp Shelter

    Sometimes, all you need is a tarp. And a trekking pole, or a stick or something to prop it up, of course. And some stakes, rocks or more sticks to guy it out. But you get the idea, simplicity! Tarps are desirable because they're easy to pack, light on the back and quick to pitch. […]

  • MSR Papa Hubba NX 4 Person Tent

    Here at Gearflogger we love us some Hubba Hubba. And yet, we yearned for more. OK, we yearned for one more, as in the three person Mutha Hubba NX, in which to store a full trio of floggers. But a great sadness fell across the land when we couldn't find a Mutha Hubba. And lo, […]

  • MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent

    A tent is literally your home away from home on the trail, and the more dialed-in the tent design the more at home you'll feel. MSR's tent designers are masters of the art, as evidenced by the latest update to their category-leading two-person backpacking tent: the Hubba Hubba NX 2, which eliminates the choice between […]

  • MSR WindBurner Stove

    You really can't go wrong with any MSR stove, and the WindBurner is no exception. The WindBurner is billed as a stove system, which basically means that it comes in a dizzying array of combinations and configurations. The stove itself is the same in all but the Personal Stove System; that one is a hybrid […]

  • MSR Reactor Canister Stove, 1.7L

    MSR rules the expedition stove world for good reason. Their XGK and WhisperLite models are far and away the most popular stoves on Denali for one simple reason: bombproof reliability. It doesn't hurt that they're intelligently designed all the way around. The XGK in particular is overkill though for anything short of expedition use, and […]

  • MSR HyperFlow water filter

    Water is very important. For one thing, it's used to make beer. If that's not enough for you, try slogging through the desert with nothing but a bag of peanut butter sandwiches and nothing to wash them down with. Not so smart now, are ya? Even on long day trips it's a lot lighter to […]

  • MSR Flex 4 System cookset

    MSR knows cooking, and the MSR Flex 4 System cookset is a strong entry in the trend of transformer cooksets, where everything nests within everything else until a singularity is created that will devour the world. Until then, enjoy! The four-person set includes twelve – 12! – pieces: four 12.5oz insulated mugs with drink-through lids […]

  • MSR Lightning Axis women’s snowshoes & tails

    It's getting to be a sad state of affairs when gearmongers are putting more thought into women's gear then into men's. Whatever happened to "shrink it and pink it?" But there you are: MSR's women's Lightning Axis women's snowshoes are thoughtfully engineered from the ground up for the SheFlogger in your life. The narrow and […]

  • MSR SweetWater water purifier solution

    Ever been too hot to trot? How about too hot with the trots? For every one of us who has experienced the Hershey squirts at the most inopportune moment - and really, when it comes to peeing out your bunghole, every moment is inopportune – MSR has a solution. Literally. SweetWater Purifier Solution is nothing more than […]