Category: Mountainsmith

  • Mountainsmith Basecamp Travel System

    More stuff to hold your stuff! How can you go wrong with that? Hell, even Martha Stewart used Mountainsmith gear to carry all her crap to prison. If it will hold her face paint you can be sure it'll handle a few racks of climbing gear. But hey, she was entrapped. Anyway, Mountainsmith knows how […]

  • Mountainsmith Ultra lumbar pack

    Welcome to the bestest in lumbar packs. The Mountainsmith technical series includes the Epic, Ultra and Sprint. The primary difference is how they carry water: 32oz bladder, dual 22oz bottles and a single 22oz bottle respectively. I tested the Ultra because I wanted the dual bottle pockets for their versatility. I can carry two bottles […]

  • Mountainsmith Recycled Day lumbar pack

    Mountainsmith has forced me to add a new category to GearFlogger: Green. Not as in jolly toking giants, but as in recycled. Mountainsmith’s Recycled Day lumbar pack uses 25 plastic bottles (!) in its construction. Kudos to Mountainsmith for doing something with all my old malt liquor empties. I’ve beaten it up pretty well over […]

  • Mountainsmith Ivy pack

    The SheFlogger is pleased, and for good reason. She caught me ogling her Mountainsmith Ivy pack, and the irony that men now have to covet women’s gear did not escape her. She has plenty to crow about. The Ivy is a 2lb 10oz alpine screamer "designed for the woman carrying skis, climbing gear and backcountry […]