Category: Metolius

  • Metolius nylon slings

    Nylon. It's not just for panty hose anymore. It's for inexpensive slings that outperform their high-tensile cousins, for reasons we'll get into shortly. Metolius gives us a decent cheapo with a few rough edges. Metolius made a workman's sling here, rated at 22kn. It's 18mm wide with pinstriping down the center, just like the decals […]

  • Metolius Freenut Nut Tool

    En Vogue says, "free your mind, and the rest will follow." Funkadelic says, "free your mind, and your ass will follow." Metolius says, "free your nut, and you won’t have to buy a replacement." The Metolius Freenut is a "nut tool," which is at least twice redundant in my admittedly limited and gutter-friendly lexicon. Crotch […]

  • Metolius Mega Pack climbing holds

    Winter will be here soon, when young climbers thoughts turn to frozen waterfalls and alpine ascents. Rock climbers, however, will be screwed. That is, unless they have access to an indoor climbing wall, which is where Metolius Mega Pack climbing holds come into the picture. When I went looking for lots of holds with which […]

  • Metolius Personal Anchor System

    Most of the time when someone comes up with a device that is just a specialized version of something you can rig yourself from stuff you already own, it’s just not worth paying for. This is not that. The Metolius PAS allows a fast anchor tie-in merely by clipping in to the daisy-chain. The multiple […]