Category: Medical & safety

  • Colter Co. Stayin’ Alive Survival Bandana

    Got your do-rag on? If not it's time to channel your inner Zorro and protect that hairdo with a stylin' bandana from Colter Co. And if you're wearing a bandana, it should be a survival bandana dammit! And if it's a survival bandana, it might as well be one called Stayin' Alive. Colter makes a […]

  • Make Your Own First Aid Kit

    Living in Alaska earthquakes are always on our minds, and with National Preparedness Month just around the corner we thought it would be a fine time to revisit some of our preparedness advice. There were five essentials we covered there, the tl;dr being: trauma kit, survival gear, water, food, and communication. One thing we did […]

  • Bug Soother

    Summer is pretty much over here in Alaska, but the last couple months we seemed to have more than our share of little flying biting critters – mosquitos, flies and god knows what else. The tiny flies were worse than the mozzies this year it seemed. Having grown up in the interior of Alaska, where […]

  • Sharkbanz 2 Shark Deterrent Band

    There is really only one question you need to answer: did you see Jaws as a child? If the answer is yes, then you will want to get yourself a Sharkbanz shark deterrent band. It's that or a bigger boat. Now we are fully aware that sharks, like bears or any other apex predator, deserve respect and […]

  • SuperVizor XT Auto Escape Tool

    Getting into the backcountry usually involves a car trip, and the places we want to go are often at the end of some pretty rough roads. It pays to be prepared on the approach, and a few basics in your car will give you the peace of mind to focus on your objective. We like […]

  • Emergency Preparedness

    If you're a regular Gearflogger you know we're based in Anchorage, Alaska, where two years ago on Friday, November 30, 2018 we were hit by a 7.0 earthquake. It caused major property damage but remarkably no loss of life, probably due in no small part to lessons learned – and applied – from the 9.2 […]

  • Carry a Minimalist Trauma Kit

    We've always had a problem with the order of things in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. From our perspective, stopping the bleeding is always job one, well before food, water, shelter and even sex. Let's follow the critical path: trauma is the leading cause of death for people up to age 45, and uncontrolled bleeding is the […]

  • Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit NOW!

    Playing safe in the backcountry means being prepared, and not just for the scratches and bruises. Trauma is the number one cause of death up to age 45, and uncontrolled bleeding is the number cause of trauma death. Ergo ipso whatever, get the training and gear to treat uncontrolled bleeding and as the saying goes, […]

  • NiteRider Focus+ 110 Flashlight

    Flashlights are everywhere these days, and you can pick one for just about any specialized use you can imagine. None of that choicework helps if you don't have the light on you when you need it, and that's where penlight-style flashlights come in. NiteRider has you covered with the Focus+ 110 flashlight, which carries easily […]

  • PuroCalm Earmuffs Hearing Protection for Kids

    Once you find something that works you tend to stick with it. Puro headphones are like that, featuring great sound, easy controls and features like volume limiting that are especially useful for the Littlefloggers in our lives. Their PuroCalm hearing protection brings the quiet to a whole new level, ensuring that our kids will ignore […]