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  • Marmot Boys Guides Down Hoody

    The eternal quest of a parent in a cold climate is finding reasonably priced winter clothing for kids. Late winter/early spring, e.g. right freakin' now, is the time to score the deals. The Gearflogger household was lucky enough to score the Marmot Boys Guides Down Hoody on sale at REI. A tortured name for a […]

  • Marmot Pipeline Relaxed-Fit Jeans

    Let's face it, blue jeans are the de facto uniform of the Western World. That doesn't mean they're perfect – or at least they weren't until Marmot, masters of all things pants, decided to add a little boing-boing into the blue jean. Marmot's Pipeline jeans have a little Coolmax woven into the mostly cotton construction, […]

  • Marmot Torrey pants

    Ah, the search for the perfect pant. Or pants. Whichever. I like to do my business casual shopping at REI and the like, and these days you can find styles that go from outdoor to office seamlessly, which is especially great for traveling. The Marmot Torrey pants have been our go-to for active travel for […]

  • Marmot Alpinist Bivy

    Yea, we have seen the light! The fast and light, that is, and woe unto those who travel with too much crap on their back, for they shall wail and gnash their nasty teeth and beat their sunken chests. Go forth and get a bivy, we say. The Marmot Alpinist bivy is about as minimalist as […]

  • Marmot PreCip baseball cap

    Sometimes it's the little things, like keeping your brain housing group dry in the rain. Sometimes you don't want to put up your hood. Sometimes you don't even have a hood. For these situations you need a rain hat, but not something dorky. Marmot's PreCip baseball cap is waterproof and stylish for when you just […]

  • Marmot Mica jacket

    Marmot is a top-tier manufacturer and their experience shows in the Mica jacket, a 6.7oz – yes, you read that right, six point seven ounce – superduperlight shell. The Mica packs into its own pocket but still packs in a full feature set. There are two zippered low outside handwarmer pockets, rip-and-stick cuffs, drawcord hem and […]

  • Marmot Fjell women’s jacket

    Holy sweetness and light. The Marmot Fjell women's jacket is a beautiful execution of Gore-Tex Pro Shell that hits all the right notes. Weighing in at a feathery 1lb 1oz for a size small the Fjell is equally at home frontcountry, backcountry and just about anywhere else. The design has a sculpted fit, dropped hem and […]

  • Marmot Evolution gloves

    As we come up on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin (and Abe Lincoln, coincidentally), what more fitting tribute can we make than to crassly commercialize it? Hence, the Marmot Evolution glove! The Evolution is a speedy little glove that weighs about as much as a Euro-teen bouldering queen, which is to […]

  • Marmot Alpinist Pro glove

    I have a bit of a glove fetish. I find a glove I really like, but eventually I become bored and a more exciting glove crosses my gaze. Love blooms, and soon I dump the old, fat ugly glove to move in with my new hottie. The homebreaker in this case is the Marmot Alpinist […]

  • Marmot Super Hero soft shell jacket

    Holy ground-dwelling weasel, batman! It’s the Marmot Super Hero soft shell jacket! Women will appreciate its stylish cut for a svelte above-the-harness fit, but like its namesake there’s a lot more to this jacket than good looks. The shell material is Gore Windstopper N2S Scuba, the hood is both stowable and zip-off, and shoulders are […]