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  • Maloja DorliM Women’s Shirt

    Those in the know, know to look to Maloja for inspirational design that stands out from the crowd. The new DorliM shirt for women is not just about its good looks though; it uses a unique merino wool/polyester blend that has all the right moves for a performance piece. The DorliM is a long-sleeve shirt […]

  • Maloja StailaM Women’s Fleece Jacket

    Maloja once again brings the looks to performance apparel with the StailaM women's fleece jacket. But not just any fleece; similar to the men's FtanM bonded wool jacket, the StailaM integrates merino wool with technical materials to produce a jacket that looks so great you'll be afraid to get it dirty. But get it dirty […]

  • Maloja FtanM Men’s Multisport Jacket

    Maloja clothing is always dependably different, and in a good way. Their men's FtanM jacket, cryptic naming aside, is a perfect example. It's a soft shell and so much more. The FtanM uses a three layer construction that puts Maloja's Stormshell LIght technical layer on the inside and bonded wool on the outside. The result […]

  • Maloja UrsiaM. Women’s Multisport Pant

    Maloja recognizes that most people don't want to own a pair of pants for every conceivable sport, especially if said pants cost top dollar to begin with. Here at Gearflogger we fully subscribe to the "buy once, cry once" philosophy of investing in quality gear, we just want it to be as versatile as possible, […]

  • Maloja ScoulaM. Jacket

    Most gearheads in the US market aren't familiar with the Germany-based Maloja clothing brand, but they should be. Despite their quirky naming style the company makes a wide range of clothing a nice European style and impeccable craftsmanship. The Sheflogger has been rocking the ScoulaM. jacket – we told you the names are quirky – […]

  • Maloja Clothing

    From across the pond in good old Germany comes Maloja clothing, named after a pass in the Swiss Alps or a Swiss village or something like that. They've been around since 2004, have a very cool office and they specialize in making very high quality – and very expensive – outdoor clothing. If you're a […]