Category: Mad Rock

  • Mad Rock Alpinist Glove

    I'm not by nature a violent person, but when I walk around with the Mad Rock Alpinist gloves on I feel a certain… attitude, if you will. Like Mad Max about to close the dealio with the mutants with heads sticking out of their chests. Fantasy life aside, the Alpinist is a first rate ice […]

  • Mad Rock Venus women’s harness

    I got your Venus, I got your fire… when Bananarama goes climbing, this is how they roll. If you want to be the goddess on the mountain top, check out the Mad Rock Venus women's harness. She Who Must Be Obeyed was barking commands at her belay slave in no time as she hung comfortably, […]

  • Mad Rock Fanatic approach shoe

    The holy grail of shoe design is, of course, a flip flop that comfortably climbs 5.10. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mad docs at Mad Rock are working on just that, but in the meantime they’ve given us the Fanatic approach shoe. If you’re looking for a hiking shoe that climbs look at Mad […]

  • Mad Rock Flash climbing shoes

    These award-winning shoes are good performers at a great price. Mad Rock’s line of climbing shoes is competitive with those of other major manufacturers, and they appear to not be adverse to buying market share; their shoes are smokin’ good deals that often undercut the competition. I wore these shoes for last year’s climbing season […]