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  • Lowa Ice Expert GTX Lady boots

    Spring is in the air, and the SheFlogger bids farewell to another season of ice climbing. She is sad because it means putting away her newest best friends, the Lowa Ice Expert GTX Lady boots. This was one of our most-requested reviews for women, and SheFlogger’s verdict: they will seriously improve your vertical ice performance. […]

  • Lowa Vertex GTX boots

    Lowa makes some great boots. The Vertex GTX is not among them. Sure, they’ve got the cool exo-skeleton that feeds my Robocop fantasy, and they do provide great support for moderate to heavy loads and a comfortable fit right out of the box. However the boot has two fatal flaws. First, those plastic supports on […]

  • Lowa Mountain Expert GTX boots

    "Hike ’em or spike ’em," sayeth the Lowa marketing reps of the Mountain Expert GTX boots. Turns out they’re not lying bastards. These single boots performed great out-of-the-box on a twelve-mile speed hump over varied terrain. At just over 4lb these are not designed to be light hikers, but the upside is the worse the […]