Category: Lighting

  • GearLight Lights

    ZZ Top had it right when they sang about Cheap Sunglasses, but there really needs to be a follow up for cheap lights. You can spend a paycheck on a good light – we're looking at you SureFire – and if your life or even a single limb depends on it, that's the way to […]

  • NiteRider Focus+ 110 Flashlight

    Flashlights are everywhere these days, and you can pick one for just about any specialized use you can imagine. None of that choicework helps if you don't have the light on you when you need it, and that's where penlight-style flashlights come in. NiteRider has you covered with the Focus+ 110 flashlight, which carries easily […]

  • myCharge Camping Lantern

    It's hard to beat myCharge portable power banks, especially when they make them even more useful by adding lighting. The Camping Lantern by myCharge flips that on its head, starting with the light and adding the power bank. The myCharge Camping Lantern is smaller than 4 inches square and just under an inch thick, with […]

  • NiteRider Lumina Dual 1800 and Sentry Aero 260 Bike Lights

    NiteRider is a reliable innovator in bike lighting, and two of their new lights keep it going on. The Lumina Dual 1800 head light and the Sentry Aero 260 tail light are packed with cool features and designed to fit both round and aero seat posts. Right up front we want to call out one […]

  • CycleTorch Shark 550R Rechargeable Bike Light

    It's a great time to be alive if you like inexpensive, high-performing lights of any type. On the cycling front, CycleTorch has a great little light set to keep you out of the gutter – OK, maybe that's asking too much for some of you – and safely in your lane. The taillight is a […]

  • Petzl e+LITE Headlamp

    The Petzl e+LITE headlamp has always been a fave of ours due to its compact design. The e+LITE is perfect for car glove compartments, bug-out bags, travel and basically ultralight anything when all you may need is some occasional low-level light output. The new version, introduced last year, keeps the same small format with included […]

  • Knuckle Lights

    We here at Gearflogger have developed finely tuned BSG detectors – that's BullShit Gear for the rest of you. Most gear falls clearly into one category or the other: bullshit or not bullshit. Yet when the Knuckle Lights arrived we were perplexed. Bullshit or not? After testing them out, they are clearly not bullshit. In […]

  • North American Survival Systems EF-20A-1 Lightning Electronic Flare

    Water plus darkness is pretty much no one's idea of a good time. Should you find yourself alone in the water in the dark, a cello playing ominously in the background, you'll want someone to find you and fast. Whether it's on land or water, you can help them help you with a signalling device, […]

  • Pelican 2780r Headlamp

    Pelican knows lights, and their new 2780r headlamp has some unique features that set it apart from a very crowded field. The overall design is a conventional three strap with rechargeable battery compartment in the back. The light is just slightly larger and heavier than average, but the third strap and the even weight distribution quickly […]

  • Niterider Pro 2800 Enduro Remote MTB Light

    Shoulder season is transitioning into downright Winter, and where does that leave the humble mountain biker? Saddling up a fat bike with studded tires is where. But before the batbike can venture forth, there is one more thing necessary: a big honkin' light. No worries, Niterider – makers of all things bikey-shiny – have you […]