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  • Leki Diva women’s trekking poles

    I think Leki originally called these trekking poles the Shiva, but they are now officially the Diva, a more appropriate name than that of a Hindu god whose nickname is The Destroyer. The Diva poles are at the pinnacle of aluminum three-section trekking pole design. What makes them women-specific are the slightly smaller grips for smaller hands, […]

  • Leki Equipe S Xtrafit gloves

    Leki has this thing going on with their Trigger S strap system, and it's a good thing. The perfect mate for their Speed S Carbon Trigger poles, the Equipe S is a stellar performer all the way around. The Equipe has a sewn cord loop that clips into compatible poles like the Speed, and the […]

  • Leki Speed S Carbon Trigger poles

    Vendors tweak basic gear designs all the time. On a rare good day that tweak rises to the top of the evolutionary pile as a clearly superior mutation, like Brangelina. Passing the fitness function with flying colors is the Leki Speed S Carbon Trigger pole. This pole starts with a very nice 24oz carbon pole […]