Category: La Sportiva

  • La Sportiva Olympus Mons Boot

    It's not true that mountaineers have to take off their boots to count to ten. OK, maybe sometimes it's true. If you want absolute certainty that all your little piggies will be there to count on you need to go big with a true 8,000 meter boot, and La Sportiva's Olympus Mons is the state […]

  • La Sportiva Spantik boot

    Evolution is a beautiful thing, resulting in sublime forms such as the platypus, Brangelina, and now the La Sportiva Spantik. Still innovative after four years on the market, the Spantik represents all that is good in the alpine world. The Spantik achieves the holy grail of boot design: it's a double boot that feels like a […]

  • La Sportiva Ganda approach shoe

    Let me just say I think Gollum would have been a cooler name for La Sportiva's new approach shoe, especially since he climbs like 5.18 or something. So he kills midgets and other small game, even a mutant has gotta eat, right? Anyway, it's weird, they didn't ask me so we've got the Gandalf… oops! […]

  • La Sportiva Miura rock shoe

    What do I have in common with Tommy Caldwell and other top climbers? Unfortunately only my La Sportiva Miura rock shoes, because I get kicked off their walk-up routes faster than the French can surrender. Years after the Miura was introduced it still shows up on the hardest lines. These little lace-up slot cars are […]

  • La Sportiva Arco rock shoes

    La Sportiva hand crafts the highest quality footwear in Northern Italy, and even finds time to throw a bone to the weekend warriors out there who don't need the entire force of the universe transmitted through their big toe (we're talking about you, Miura!). The La Sportiva Arco is a beginner's shoe, but the flat fit built […]

  • La Sportiva Nuptse double boot

    Like the big-game guides say, if you’re going after a big ‘un make sure you bring enough gun. When the big ‘un is high-altitude, high-latitude and cold enough to evaporate your pee before it hits the snow, La Sportiva’s Nuptse double boot is your BFG: big freakin’ gun. The six-pound Nuptse is NOT a plastic […]

  • La Sportiva Trango S EVO GTX boot

    Single-boot heaven is what we’ve got here. La Sportiva only does boots, and their more-than-a-mouthful Trango S EVO GTX has been around a while and is still top of the line. I won’t even try to list all the funky-named technologies they stuffed into these boots: they are lightweight, waterproof and take a combi crampon […]

  • La Sportiva Trango Ice EVO boot

    Anyone who has a gear closet knows that boots are like bunnies: we’re talking rampant overbreeding with a pair for every sport-specific application I can possibly rationalize to the SheFlogger, no easy task. I was willing to make the effort for a lighter, faster, more precise boot to fill the void in my life that […]