Category: Kids

  • Slumberjack Cub 40 Kid’s Sleeping Bag

    It's crazy how much you can spend on outdoor gear for kids these days, but let's face it: your eight-year-old is not going to summit K2 this year, and even if s/he does it at age ten they will still need new gear because they grow like weeds. Slumberjack has a novel solution, a reasonably […]

  • REI Tarn 12 and 18 Kid’s Backpacks

    It was long past time to upgrade Littleflogger to his next level backpack. He's six years old and it's time he carried his own weight. OK, maybe not the full 50 pounds, but at least his lunch and a few layers. We've got a full travel schedule this year and the pack will function as […]

  • Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles

    Consider this a public service announcement, of a sort. The Sheflogger and I enrolled our five-year-old in swim lessons, both to burn off what seems to be an unlimited amount of energy (that he steals from us, but that's another rant) and for the sake of safety. Swimming saves lives. Littleflogger didn't like traditional spaghetti-strap […]

  • Rollerblade Spitfire XT Kids Inline Skates

    Inline skates are great, and its no mystery that we're big fans of Rollerblade. Even if inline skating is not as hugely popular as it used to be (like a lot of sports), it's still fun in its own right and proven effective training for ice skating, skate skiing and other sports and activities based […]

  • Marmot Boys Guides Down Hoody

    The eternal quest of a parent in a cold climate is finding reasonably priced winter clothing for kids. Late winter/early spring, e.g. right freakin' now, is the time to score the deals. The Gearflogger household was lucky enough to score the Marmot Boys Guides Down Hoody on sale at REI. A tortured name for a […]

  • Kidz Gear headphones

    Kids. Long trips in planes, trains and automobiles. You better be good at killing time time or you might want to kill yourself to get out of the misery. Good parents try to minimize screen time, but every parent knows there comes a point at which it's not reasonable to expect kids to entertain themselves […]

  • Princeton Tec Bot headlamp

    Itty-bitty headlamps are insanely useful and should be near the top of your gift list this holiday season. Priced right for a stocking stuffer is the Princeton Tec Bot headlamp, targeted at kids but really, what the hell do they have to look at that's so important? The Bot is great for all sizes of […]

  • Kelty FC 3.0 child carrier

    Kelty has a thing for pets and kids, but at least they don't try to carry cats around in Baby Bjorns. They keep them separate, like chocolate and peanut butter in their natural states. For the kid who needs a fully pimped ride comes the Kelty FC 3.0 child carrier, a giant step forward from […]

  • Big Agnes Red Rider kid’s sleeping bag

    There are a few critical items necessary to an enjoyable outing with the LittleFlogger. Key among these is a good sleep system, with the criteria for good being: synthetic fill (for spilled liquid, either from internal or external sources), roomy and warm. The Big Agnes Little Red +15F hits them all out of the park. […]

  • Black Diamond Wiz headlamp

    I guess with a product lineup as vast as Black Diamond’s, they’re bound to pinch a stinker once in a while. They have done so with their Wiz headlamp, designed – so they say – to be kid-friendly somehow. Claims: it’s smaller, less bright, more durable and has a "tiltable housing." There are plenty of […]