Category: Kelty

  • Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag

    The eternal quest for a truly usable two-person sleeping bag has finally concluded, and Kelty has taken the prize. The Tru.Comfort Doublewide sleeping bag solves the basic problem of how to make one bag work for two people. Kelty thought inside the bag on this slick 20 degree rated sack, giving each sleeper their own […]

  • Kelty Lakota 65 backpack

    Looking for a single pack to take you through multi-day hikes all year long? No surprise, Kelty has you covered. The Lakota 65 is a lightweight yet spacious pack that keeps you organized all season, every season. The Lakota's 65 liters of space are more than adequate even for winter weekends, and at just 3lb […]

  • Kelty FC 3.0 child carrier

    Kelty has a thing for pets and kids, but at least they don't try to carry cats around in Baby Bjorns. They keep them separate, like chocolate and peanut butter in their natural states. For the kid who needs a fully pimped ride comes the Kelty FC 3.0 child carrier, a giant step forward from […]

  • Kelty Rove saddle bag

    Looking for something short of a pack but still able to hang at the crag? Look no further, boulder-boy-ee. Assuming you're man enough to crush the inevitable metrosexual jokes with your own scathing repartee, the Kelty Rove messenger bag makes a great sidekick. Start your verbal smackdown by establishing your greener-than-thou credentials: the Rove is […]

  • Kelty Aqua Porter canteen

    W.C. Fields famously said, "I never drink water because of the disgusting things fish do in it." Of course, his liver was the size of his thorax and a vibrant shade of blue, but you have to admire the man's commitment. For us less-committed but probably healthier people, getting a bunch of water down our pieholes […]

  • Kelty Carport Deluxe shelter

    Ever pull into a campground and wish you could just attach something to your car and sleep under it? Kelty heard your wish and grants you the Carport Deluxe. Before you ask, there is no non-deluxe version for you cheapskates, although there is a simpler Car Tarp. The weatherproof Carport is a behemoth at well […]

  • Kelty Binto Bar camp kitchen

    George Carlin jokes about a place for your stuff. He must work at Kelty. Kelty makes stuff to hold stuff, cover stuff and carry stuff. They make a lot of stuff including a really nice Basecamp series of stuff to organize your stuff. OK, I’ll stuff it. If you’re feeding larger groups of climbers or […]