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  • Julbo MonteRosa sunglasses

    Julbo once again comes through with a stylish, functional pair of shades that can perform on the slopes or around the town with equal aplomb. That's a fancy word for style, you gear apes! And this one is for the ladies – men, see the larger framed MonteBianco. Julbo knows glacier glasses, and while the […]

  • Julbo Explorer Glacier Glasses

    Eye protection is one of those critical items that need redundancy in your packing list. It's also a very personal piece of gear, much like boots. It has to fit well or you'll notice it every minute. The Julbo Explorer glacier glasses are still our favorite eyewear when we're traveling into thin air. The Explorers […]

  • Julbo Trek sunglasses

    In a color scheme only a mother could love come the Julbo Trek sunglasses. Actually, after an initial WTF reaction to blue and orange (bleeding smurf?) they kind of grew on us. They're also available in some slightly milder color combos. Either way, Julbo makes good glasses so we were more interested in performance. The Trek […]