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  • Tuffy Console Safe for Jeep Wrangler

    So you like to go topless in your Jeep, well we encourage that. We also encourage the use of secure storage options inside your Jeep for peace of mind while you're off doing your thing. Tuffy knows secure storage, and chances are that whatever space you want to secure in your Jeep, they have a […]

  • SuperVizor XT Auto Escape Tool

    Getting into the backcountry usually involves a car trip, and the places we want to go are often at the end of some pretty rough roads. It pays to be prepared on the approach, and a few basics in your car will give you the peace of mind to focus on your objective. We like […]

  • weBoost Drive Reach OTR Cell Signal Booster for Trucks

    Here in Alaska we've come to rely on weBoost cell signal boosters for convenience and safety in urban areas and along well-traveled highway corridors, but they really come into their own when RVing around Alaska. It's pretty easy to find yourself in truly rural areas where the cell signal is weak or nonexistent. If it's […]

  • Tuffy Jeep Wrangler Tailgate Lockbox

    Tuffy knows Jeeps, and they know you want to store stuff in every nook and cranny of your Wrangler. They also know you want that stuff to be secure, and their products are the industry standard for locking storage on all kinds of vehicles. For a little more peace of mind at the trailhead, we […]

  • Wavian Steel Jerry Can

    The humble jerry can is one of those iconic objects that has been around longer than anyone alive today can remember, with the possible exception of Kane Tanaka. The word Jerry has been used to describe Germans since World War I, and is most likely a bastardization of either the word German or the word […]

  • X-Bull Recovery Traction Mats

    If you're venturing off-road in a vehicle you need to be prepared to extricate that vehicle from the inevitable sand, snow or mud trap. A Hi-Lift jack and a shovel are mandatory equipment, and a good winch won't hurt either, but often all you need is a little extra traction to get unstuck and that's […]

  • BOLT Locks

    One of the best things about Jeep Wranglers is the amazing amount of things you can bolt on. There are multiple 300 page catalogs just for Wrangler accessories, giving you the ultimate flexibility in customizing your Jeep for whatever you want to use it for. The only downside: the anxiety of parking at a remote […]

  • weBoost Drive Reach Cell Phone Signal Booster

    There are those like and those who need reliable communications in the backcountry. While professionals rely on radios and sat phones, the rest of us have cell phones, not always a bad thing thanks to the wide coverage in so many parts of the world. But quantity does not automatically beget quality, as anyone who […]

  • Foseal OBDII Scanner

    Most of us use a car regularly, and we know the frustration of seeing a check engine light come on when you're miles from anywhere. Luckily it's been mandatory for all cars manufactured since 1996 to have a little thing called on-board diagnostics version 2, or OBDII for short, built in. OBDII is a little […]

  • SmartControl Fuel Can

    In the recent 7.0 earthquake here in Southcentral Alaska, we were happy to have on hand a portable generator to maintain heat. But a generator – or for that matter a vehicle or anything else with an internal combustion engine – is not much good unless you can gas it up, so we were also […]